Skulking Blue Bear's Whisker

A Whisker Plucked from Skulking Blue Bear

weapon (ranged)

Speed 4; Acc +3; DMG 11L/2; PDV +1; Rate 3; Range 80; Tags P,O
Effect: Need to make it up.


While trying to find Kal Dax’s Northern Manse, Tepet Guli sought out guidance in the Northern Elemental court. The Dragon-Blood learns of a Deathlord’s plot to have Blue Skulking Bear poisoned with a tick left by one of the elemental’s lieutenants.

Blue Skulking Bear’s seneschals have forbid any mortal from gaining audience for centuries. Tepet Guli knowing there was little time left summoned and bound the lieutenant he knew committed the crime, knowing this would greatly offend Skulking Bear. With the bound elemental in tow, the prince of the earth sought an audience with the great beast.

Tepet Guli laid out the plot against Blue Skulking Bear. Deep in the elemental’s thick bristled hair, a minuscule tick that now poisoned him and soon a deathlord would come to him, to some unknown end. The ancient dragon humored the earth prince and allowed let him remove the tick, but only if Guli did without armor and accepted whatever pain was inflicted. Tepet Guli lost his arm that day but gained much respect from the elemental.

Skulking Blue Bear's Whisker

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